Date: November 2016

Client: Self-Initiated Pitch

Role: Product Designer

The challenge

Keyless life

I used to be a frequent car driver and faced a few issues with my car on a daily base. In the mid of 2016, I came up with this project and tried to address the problems I faced as a driver in a single app.


Since it's not possible to solve all problems of a driver with an app, I tried to address as many as I could. Here are the stories:

Leave the keys at home

Every driver knows the pain, to carry around the big car keys in one pocket, your smartphone in the other. I've designed a system with which you can easily pair your smartphone or watch with your vehicle and leave your keys at home. I know there's already key-less go which still requires a small chip to carry with you.

Swipe through your report

I tried to create an experience which feels like browsing in social media platforms, the user just has to swipe through the menu points or can easily tab to switch the menu to get the required information.

Tell me what you need

Vehicles become more and more complicated, and it gets harder to understand what the warning lights are for. When the engine light is blinking, 90% of the drivers have no clue what is wrong. In such cases you just want the car to tell you what he needs. Well, this is how I treated this issue and took a broken front lamp as an example.

Lead me to the goal

The app is not only suggesting what to do in which case it also is kind of your personal assistant. It carries a list of the workshop you have visited and could visit and match them with the workshops nearby. On request, the app can also schedule an appointment for you without even have a call.

Control them all

Volvo is a family car, and families tend to own multiple vehicles. This app is not just an assistant for a Volvo, it is the assistant for all your Volvos. You can quickly switch between them and find out why the dashboard of your partner or kids is blinking like an 80s disco.