Date: September 2015

Client: Jeep Turkey

Role: Product Designer

The challenge

Seemless overflow

The mission was to create an interactive platform for the introduction of the Jeep Renegade for the European & Asian market. Our main goal was to combine the digital experience with the physical discovery of the vehicle without facing any physical obstacles.


For this purpose we did build a physical dummy and placed it in different positions around the vehicle to test and as a result we came up with following user stories:

The Scene

Due to the short timeline and more important problems we had to solve we decided to build a translucent stand with a jeep branding and place it right next to the front of the vehicle. By doing so we enabled the free view to the vehicle and grant full access to it at the same time.

The attract loop

To attract fascinated onlookers while they are passing the vehicle, I designed an animation which works in combination with a footage background and breathing motion of the interface.

Build your Jeep

The final solution for all user stories is been a backed in software solution in which we have implemented the tools like: the jeep configurator, specification catalogues, a media gallery, a selfie tool to take funny photos of yourself to share in social media and a test drive request form.